Announcement: Fox Tail Butt Plugs – Choose The Best One

Fox tail butt plugs are highly erotic tools for kinky play and come with bushy, furry tails that are utterly irresistible. Insert the plug and your submissive has a wonderful tail you can admire and watch wag as she parades around at your command. She (or he) will know her place as a submissive with a fox tail butt plug.


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fox tail butt plugsThe fox tail anal plug is 18 inches of glory and provides a surprisingly different take on animal butt plug play. You’d think it wouldn’t be much different from the horse version but there’s something about that furry tail that creates a whole new feeling and takes the wearer to a new place.

Perhaps it’s the bushy nature of the tail that makes this such a wonderful purchase for couples interested in dom/sub animal play.

The powerful humiliation a submissive feels when wearing a fox tail butt plug is the best reason to purchase one. It’s just the right length and feels nice when brushing against the ass and legs as you play. Plus, that brushing is a constant reminder of your place as a submissive. Because of the nature of the toy you’ll have to be extra clean down there or you risk getting waste on the fur, which is exceptionally hard to get out.

Crystal Minx Fox



Genuine fox fur tail plug

If you’re looking for real and unique fox fur tails this is the one you need. Each and every one of this plugs cannot be the exact, both in dimension and shade. This Canadian red fox tail has a small and slimmer narrow tail. Get pleasure from glamorous fox tail butt plug.

fox fur tail butt plug

Product details:

  • Authentic fox fur
  • Plug is made of a glass, which is great
  • Tail length: approximately 15 and 19 inches
  • AVN Best fetish item winner in 2013!

Caution: Do not try to pull tail during use. While they are high-quality built, they can still split. As this is real fox fur, each individual tail has specific shade and color.

If you love this one just as much as I do, here is the best place to buy it.


DIY – Faux Fox Tail


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Most often, animal tail butt plugs are used in pony play, a form of kink where the submissive is literally trained and treated like a pony, often to the point of being ridden by the dominant. To enhance the play a butt plug with a tail is utilized and the effects are amazing. The submissive is pushed deeper into subspace and can play her (or his) role to a greater degree just as the dominant can inhabit his role with greater ease. Toys like an animal tail butt plug exist for the purpose of increasing the pleasure of play and they have stood the test of time as a highly functional, excellent way to increase pleasure during pony play.


Here you can get this beautiful looking Fox Tail Butt Plug!

fox tail butt plugPony play isn’t the only time an animal tail butt plug can be fun, of course. You’re welcome to use this toy for any purpose. Sometimes it’s fun simply to add a little extra something to your anal play and a tail, which the submissive can feel brushing against her bottom and thighs, does indeed add an effective dash of kink that makes the experience that much more arousing for all involved. Butt tail plugs come in many varieties and can be as cheap or expensive as you’d like. If they’re made from real hair they tend to be pricey but the more committed you are the more worthy an expense it is as the genuine nature of an animal butt tail plug can genuinely enhance the experience in ways you’d never imagine.

Bunny Tail Butt Plug











The cutest Bunny tail butt plug! You can get it HERE!