Dog Tail Butt Plug

get dog tail butt plugI’m a big fan of butt plugs and recently, I found a dog tail butt plug that I just had to try out. This thing is so cute! Even more importantly, it is one of the best plugs I’ve ever owned. It’s very comfortable – yet gives me that filled up feeling that I like. It stays in place, even when my partner and I are…vigorous…in our activities. In short, it does everything I want it to do, and it does it well.

What we didn’t expect was how much it would enhance our sense of play. My man loves to see me with a cute little doggy tail, shaking my butt to wag, and I admit, just knowing what it looks like brings out this whole other level of play for me – as I begin to imagine myself as a dog and behave that way. At the risk of being too detailed, I will just mention that pets really like to lick things – and leave it to your imagination as to the number of ways we put that to use!

One thing I’ve always enjoyed sexually is participating in activities that transport me out of myself and help me to imagine myself as someone or something else. Wearing this puppy tail butt plug, especially when also wearing the awesome collar my partner got me, has really added to our love life more than we ever imagined!

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