Cat Tail Butt Plug For Sale

Searching for Cat Tail Butt Plug can be very challenging. I recently found quite a few discussion forums relating to this plug where people discussing where they can get it. I have found something for you and I think you will like it.


Glass Cat Tail Anal Plug

This particular is created using faux fur and it’s  quite affordable (below you can get it for best price online)! Cat tail anal plugs are perfect for any kind of “animal person” who wants to let their fuzzy side out during Kitten play. This  tail is incredibly tough and can last for a very long time!

cat tail buttplug












If you’re looking for a smooth and hairy tail with comfortable butt plug, you find your winner.

Product details:

  • Cat tail length is about 11 inches
  • Insertable size:  4 inches
  • It can be refrigerated or even heated
  • It moves realistically together with movements of your ass.

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The next one is a pure quality made  and it definitely makes the excellent quality of fashion impressed fetish products. You will absolutely enjoy using this type of animal tail butt plug! This is certainly one of the cutest anal toys I’ve found during my entire life. The plug is just the right size to appear fabulous on any person.

butt plug with cat tail












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kitty cat play

If you enjoy this kitty play, where an individual act like a cat, then you’ll definitely love BDSM Kitten Play.

It requires one individual wearing a pet outfit, as the other is known as a master. In addition to cat tail anal plug you can purchase lots of different kitten play gadgets and accessories, just like This Kitty Costume Set.








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Find Your Favorite Animal Tail Butt Plugs

Most often, animal tail butt plugs are used in pony play, a form of kink where the submissive is literally trained and treated like a pony, often to the point of being ridden by the dominant. To enhance the play a butt plug with a tail is utilized and the effects are amazing. The submissive is pushed deeper into subspace and can play her (or his) role to a greater degree just as the dominant can inhabit his role with greater ease. Toys like an animal tail butt plug exist for the purpose of increasing the pleasure of play and they have stood the test of time as a highly functional, excellent way to increase pleasure during pony play.


Here you can get this beautiful looking Fox Tail Butt Plug!

fox tail butt plugPony play isn’t the only time an animal tail butt plug can be fun, of course. You’re welcome to use this toy for any purpose. Sometimes it’s fun simply to add a little extra something to your anal play and a tail, which the submissive can feel brushing against her bottom and thighs, does indeed add an effective dash of kink that makes the experience that much more arousing for all involved. Butt tail plugs come in many varieties and can be as cheap or expensive as you’d like. If they’re made from real hair they tend to be pricey but the more committed you are the more worthy an expense it is as the genuine nature of an animal butt tail plug can genuinely enhance the experience in ways you’d never imagine.

Bunny Tail Butt Plug











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