Bunny Tail Butt Plugs For Your Anal Pleasure

A bunny tail butt plug is a delight to see in a sexy ass. The plug slides past the anus with ease and the result is a bushy tail that looks just like a bunny. If combined with a bunny outfit it’s a true delight but on its own is remarkably effective and will send a sexy charge through your body.

Treatment and maintenance:

The plug is quite easy to wash. Simply use your favorite sex toy cleaner intended for glass plug, or you can easily cleaned using cleaning soap and H2O. Be careful that you don’t filthy your bunny tail whenever you use it.

In case you don’t believe me just how wonderful it really is, just purchase one. You will love it! It’s undoubtedly worth the cost! Amaze your partner and get one right now!

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Bunny Tail Butt PlugsIf you prefer anal penetration along with animal butt tail plugs, you will absolutely love this cute bunny tail butt plug! It truly is one of the cutest anal butt plugs that I have ever witnessed in my entire life!

It feels so great and comfy when it’s inside of your anus. It will certainly spice up your sex life to a whole new level. The bunny puff is just the perfect size to look attractive and lovely on any person (man or women). Measurement of this sex toy is around 7 inches (that also include beautiful bunny tail), plus it offers more than 3 inches insertable size (1,7 inch insertable diameter).

Get pleasure from aesthetic and erotic appeal by using this bunny tail plug on your lover.

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rabbit tail butt plug

Bunny Tail Plug

This cute bunny tail butt plug can have so many wonderful uses. A bunny costume is incomplete without a tail and the plug is by far the best option; you could get panties with a fluffy tail on them but they simply don’t compare to the real thing, particularly since you can leave it in during copulation if you so choose and it can provide a delightful view during certain positions.

A bunny tail butt plug is inserted into the anus and the fluffy tail is flush against the soft cheeks of the bottom. It typically comes in white but you can find other colors if you search for them. The look and feel of the plug enhances bunny play for dom/sub sessions and it does look genuinely cute and sexy. The only drawback is that it might not have the submissive effect you’re looking for since it tends to be cute. Plus, it doesn’t really move as other tails do so sometimes the submissive can forget it’s even there.

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