Anal Lubricant

jo h2oIf you have used a sex toy before, you may know how important it is to use anal lubricant. Anal play of any sort should never be done without some sort of sex lube. If you’re entering that orifice dry, you run the risk of ripping and tearing the sensitive skin which can be painful. Also, this runs the risk of exposing your partner and your toys to your blood. Lube is definitely not something that hinders play, you will be surprised at how much it enhances your enjoyment! Animal tail butt plugs should be inserted with lube every time – no ifs, ands, or butts!

There are numerous kinds of lube on the market. You are going to want to look for two specific things when buying lube. Try to avoid getting a silicone based lubricant. This can actually damage any fur or hair that is on the tail end of the butt plug. If your tail is entirely made of glass or rubber, this won’t be an issue. Water based lubricant is definitely recommended, though.

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You should also make sure you are buying lube specifically for anal play. Lubricant made for anal sex is typically thicker and seems to last longer than other lubes. This will ensure that you are feeling comfortable the entire time you’re using your butt plug. Often, you’ll find anal lubricant that have Benzocaine or something similar in it. These numb the area a bit. It’s nothing super strong and it doesn’t last forever – but these can be a good idea if you’re brand new to butt plugs or if you know you feel a little pain before the pleasure. Of course, there are anal lubes that do not have this in them. This is merely a personal preference, whatever works best for you.

Lubricating your animal tail butt plugs is something that will only make your play time better. There are so many different types of lube on the market, you never need to stop experimenting with what feels the best to you!

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