Pony Tail Butt Plug


Very interesting variation on the regular butt plug is pony tail butt plug.  This end is really small so it goes in easily and it has a long, flowing pony tail attached to it. Like most well-made products it has that hourglass shape to fit into your ass snugly and not fall out. I like to use it as a whip too since it’s quite long – 21 inches according to the box.

My boyfriend and I love pony play so this is perfect if you want to feel like you’re being ridden and tamed like a dirty, wild animal. Apparently it’s made from real horse hair which makes it really luxurious to use and it feels really soft and silky. All I know is that it makes me feel super slutty.

If you like going to fetish parties this is one of the best things to wear in your ass. Match it with a crotchless/assless black, PVC catsuit and all eyes will be on you. Your man will not be able to resist you if he comes home and sees this in your ass while you parade around the bedroom.

It’s a great plug and I highly recommend it.


Fashionistas Glass Pony Tail Anal Plug

cute pony tail plugI’ve tried all kinds of butt plugs over the years and this one is my favorite by far. I love pony play so this is right up my alley (pardon the pun). It makes me feel really sexy when I feel the swaying of the hairs on the back of my thighs. I feel like an animal that needs to be ridden really hard and punished for being wild.

This plug is really nice and luxurious. The box says it uses real glass and nylon material  which I’m not surprised by, it feels great. Well worth the money and I would definitely buy it again if this one got lost.

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Horse Tail Butt Plugs For Best Anal Experiance

Horse tail butt plugs are the most common kind of animal plug, in large part because this class of object is most often associated with pony play. The horse tail plug can be made of synthetic or real hair and comes in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and lengths. It always gets the job done though and looks beautiful.


Horse Tail Butt PlugThese product is the original and still the most commonly purchased animal tail plug. It was invented as a tool for kinky pony play and ever since couples have used it both for that purposes and their own naughty games. Even if you’re not into pony play there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the fun of a horse tail butt plug.

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The hair is dark and thick and the construction is solid so you won’t shed as you play. The submissive will feel the tail swaying from side to side as they play with their master and it’s a highly erotic experience. The plug is smooth and allows for exceptionally easy insertion and removal. There will be no injuries when playing with this butt plug. The hair could certainly be longer, allowing for more interesting play. If you’re keen on pain play the horse tail butt plug can double as a whip for the dominant.




Pony Play Anal PlugThe plug is made of latex and it has hundreds strands of horse hair. This cute blonde extensive pony tail length is approx. 21″, insertable length is 4″.

This horse tail is a classic addition to your hot anal games. Try it, you will love it!




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